How to record your part

After you have practised your part of the project, you will need:

  1. Headphones or earphones, which you will have plugged into the device you are listening and watching Geoffrey/ George on.

  2. Your phone or other device to record a video (or audio) of you singing your part. You will be videoing from the beginning to end of the song even if you are not singing all the way through.

  3. Set up your recording device so that it is still or maybe you can get someone to video you. Make sure you're in a quiet space with no background noise that has good lighting on you (but not behind you!) so we can see you. 

  4. Record yourself, (if on a phone, horizontally) at the highest quality you can. This will make your video look better!
    Phone settings: On an Android, in Camera, set it to video and the quality setting is at the top. For an iPhone, Settings > Camera, tap Record Video and select the resolution from the listed options. If that sounds hard just hit record, and go for it.

  5. Audio Only - if you would like your voice to be a part of this project but would prefer not to send a video, then send us an audio track!

Do as many takes as you need, and save the best one.

You will need to prop up your phone (or device) to record, or use a tripod if you have one or ask someone to film you so that your hands are free to clap!


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